Logistics Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions for logistics and transportation companies

Branche-office connectivity, RTLS and RFID, paperless order picking and process optimisation

Speed and efficiency are especially important in the world of logistics. A wireless LAN can thus be an important tool for a logistics company. A direct connection can be set up between the warehouse and office, and the ERP system can be updated in real-time from anywhere within the company.

Advantages of Wireless LAN for Logistics:

  • Always have the latest information from the warehouse with wireless scanners
  • Real-time information on incoming and outgoing goods
  • Employees can have access to important information and systems from anywhere
  • Real-time visibility of key processes and goods flows – you can react more quickly
  • Laying and maintenance of cables is no longer necessary
  • Easy, fast scalability as your company grows

Wireless Logistics & Transportation references

Rose Logistics

Rose is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of bicycle accessoiries. LANCOM provided the Wireless Logistics solution for an area of 20.000 m².  Read more (PDF)

Other examples of successful wireless logistics and transportation projects are: Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden, the wholesale retailer Louis Gnatz, or the tramlines in Berlin.

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WLAN Consulting is an initiative of LANCOM Systems. LANCOM Systems is a leading German manufacturer of wireless LAN technology based on industry standards.