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BYOD white paper

BYOD enables employees, business partners and visitors to access a company’s own networks with a variety of different mobile devices.

Digital signage white paper

Digital and up-to-date room signage for ofices, meeting rooms, and conferences will be easy as never before! The new LANCOM access points of the E series combine the update of LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays and professional WLAN coverage in only one device.

Digital signage in healthcare

Whether for the signage of waiting rooms at the doctor’s ofice or for operating rooms: with the new LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays worklows in medical premises become more eficient due to increased transparency.

Digital signage in retail

The electronic labeling of goods is a huge trend in the retail sector. Price changes, item descriptions or even barcodes can be individually updated via radio at any time. As a result, paper labels belong to the past – prices are updated via the ERP system automatically and almost in real-time.

Digital signage in hospitality

Active signage of conference rooms or personalized digital table reservations: These are not just future visions, but a reality. Wireless ePaper Displays from LANCOM unite the practical with the modern.

Hotspot white paper

In order to remain competitive, businesses, hotels, department stores, and other establishments are faced with the necessity of offering their customers WLAN. Apart from providing the widest possible coverage, other important aspects that can make a hotspot attractive to customers are its security and usability. Hotspot 2.0 combines all of the advantages of public guest-access technologies, be they for end customers, venue owners, or providers.

Retail white paper

Increased profits, sustainably reduced operating costs, and customers using innovative technologies for a unique shopping experience – all of these aspects can be united with the help of a modern network infrastructure. This techpaper informs you as a retailer about how products from LANCOM will get your stores fit for today and the future.