Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

More and more people in companies, schools, and institutions wish to use their personal Laptops, tablets, smartphones or other mobile digital devices and don’t want to carry around multiple devices for work and private use. Besides the employees and students, visitors too are increasingly using their own equipment on your company network: ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is the new trend!

To ensure that operating these private smart devices remains a pleasant experience, for example when fulfilling professional duties, it is important for the underlying wireless network to function properly. The network should be stable, secure, and it should provide sufficient bandwidth for every user.

Benefits of “Bring Your Own Device”

  • Increased productivity of IT-based processes
  • Positive impact on the motivation and satisfaction of your employees
  • Reduction of company expenditures on mobile devices (co-financing)
  • Greater efficiency, productivity and flexibility of the employees

How does your company keep control over access?

Recommendations for the use of BYOD solutions (e.g. at businesses or schools):

  • Provide hotspots/ guest access for visitors
  • Operate the latest 11n access points for adequate bandwidth per user
  • Define user groups and separate the networks (by VLAN, Multi-SSID, tunneling protocols), so that your company network and data remains separate and inaccessible to visitors
  • Secure your network with firewalls: Denial-of-service- and intrusion-detection systems recognize and block attacks
  • Ensure high security through encryption and user authentication
  • Use the “clean” 5-GHz band to avoid BYOD users causing interference

Important is a secure separation of the various services and applications as well as the effective protection of your network. Many WLAN access points nowadays are already equipped with the security features mentioned above. For example, read more about the BYOD network of the Meridiaan College in the Netherlands.

You would like to know more about setting up wireless networks for BYOD (bring your own device) solutions? Request a white paper about BYOD or make an appointment.

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