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Professional Hotspot systems

Are you looking for Hotspot solutions as an easy and secure way to provide Internet access for your visitors? Offering guest access gives a positive impression of your company right from the first visit! The so-called “Guest Access” (or hotspot solution) is ideal for any company, but especially for retailers, hotels or restaurants. These kinds of businesses often wish to provide Internet access for their guests, customers or temporary workers.

Hotspot solutions – security

A WLAN hotspot should provide reliable and easy access to the Internet without requiring your visitors to reconfigure their devices in order to connect to the wireless LAN. This hotspot solution should be easy to install and light on administrative red tape, but at the same time provide access to Internet and e-mail from anywhere on your premises.  A good guest access network securely separates your internal company traffic from the guest traffic. If you don’t want to offer open Internet access for everyone, vouchers with passwords per user or for a “limited time access” are a good option.

Hotspot advantages

  • Permits only authorized users to access the network, if required
  • Automatic creation and printing of vouchers for charged Hotspot access
  • Custom web-page layout (e.g. start page, homepage, voucher)
  • Strict separation by VLAN ensures that guests can’t access your company network
  • Compatible with professional WLAN equipment such as access points, routers, and controllers
  • Secure, web-based user authentication via SSL (HTTPS)
  • Recording of Hotspot accounting data (online time, data volume) per user and session with SYSLOG (as required by local “lawful Intercept” rules)
  • Link to external accounting programs for prepaid, flat-rate or billing schemes, or to RADIUS servers for AAA support
  • Easy Hotspot configuration

Hotspot Solutions and Billing

With the help of your hotspot solution, you use a clearly structured web interface to configure guest access for your visitors. You decide whether Internet access via your hotspot is free of charge or billed, for example to the hotel room. Another option would be billing via third-party providers.

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