VoWLAN (Voice over WLAN)

A Professional Wireless Network for VoWLAN

VoWLAN (Voice over WLAN) is a technology for sending spoken information via a wireless network. The VoWLAN technology is also known as “VoWi-Fi” or “Wi-Fi VoIP” because it uses data transmitted over wireless local area networks and the Internet.

VoWLAN requires a properly configured wireless network and generally a PDA or a “Wi-Fi handset” which looks and functions rather like a cell phone. Just as with VoIP, VoWLAN can help to reduce costs. This is because calls can be routed internally via the data network or externally via Internet. The costs of mobile telephony can either be reduced substantially or even cut to zero.

Important Conditions for an Effective VoWLAN

  • Fast authentication and encryption while roaming
  • Quality of service: It’s possible to prioritize voice data flows with a separate VLAN
  • Fast roaming protocol: this in order to eliminate packet loss when users move from one access point to another within a WLAN network.

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