WiFi Smart Controlling

Wi-Fi LAN Controllers with the Smart WLAN Controlling Concept

The wireless LAN controllers used by the partners of WLAN Consulting are different from the WLAN switches and wireless LAN controllers used by others. Thanks to the “Smart WLAN Controlling” concept, the wireless controller management and the user data are strictly separated. The latter can break-out directly at the access points.

Advantages of the “Smart WLAN Controlling” Concept:

  • Maximum stability: If the connection with the wireless LAN controller fails, the WLAN remains fully functional. The WLAN thus has no single point of failure.
  • Optimized data flow: the breaking-out of user data immediately at the access points ensures minimal latency times and optimum load distribution.

Smart WLAN controlling is ideal for 802.11n

The break-out of user data also provides top performance at the highest data transmission speeds – without bottlenecks. Cross-site management: Access points and WLAN routers at other locations can also be managed centrally.

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WLAN Consulting is an initiative of LANCOM Systems. LANCOM Systems is a leading German manufacturer of wireless LAN technology based on industry standards.