iBeacon technology for retail

The multimedia equipment in the customers’ hands offers new opportunities for personalized digital marketing with iBeacon technology. With location-based services, the customers’ mobile devices provide information for visitor flow analyses, and they also serve as a platform for electronic marketing and shopping apps. A wealth of information about customer behavior can be captured and analyzed thanks to the WLAN-based localization of customer smart phones. It is also possible to send personalized offers directly to customer smart phones.

What are iBeacons?

iBeacons are wireless transmitters, which are detected by smart phone apps and can trigger location-based push messages. For example, they may provide information about a special offer as soon as a customer smart phone comes within range. The latest generation of LANCOM access points is able to operate with iBeacons technology for retail.

ibeacon technology schematics

Applications of iBeacon technology

  • Business Intelligence – Visitor flow analysis identifies areas of a store that are quiet or busy. This is important information for sales-floor optimization.
  • Location-based push marketing – customers are informed about special offers as soon as they enter the store, or even while they are still outside.
  • Indoor navigation – radio-controlled localization and an app or web-based floor plan that guides customers to the desired offer.

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