Real Time Location (RTLS)

RTLS, or Real Time Location System, is a mechanism that can pinpoint the location of goods or persons. The location can be determined by means of strategically placed antennas. RTLS can be applied using various systems such as RFID tags. It can also be implemented via a Wi-Fi network. RTLS is frequently applied in the logistics sector and also in healthcare, for example.

Setting up a Real Time Location System

Setting up a Real Time Location Systems requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. An incorrect layout or configuration can lead directly to performance problems. The specialists related to WLAN Consulting are highly experienced in building RTLS systems. Based on your requirements, they will design your network, set it up, and ensure that it performs optimally.

Accuracy of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

WLAN Consulting specialists have all the tools they require to ensure that your RTLS system delivers good performance. The quality of the coverage provided by your wireless company network is also a factor that must be taken into consideration. The better your Wi-Fi network, the more accurate your RTLS. A spectrum analyzer and a site survey are used to optimize the coverage provided by your access points.

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