WLAN Switch

Manage Your WLAN Network with a WLAN Switch

Our customers benefit from the versatile management options that we provide for their wireless LANs, including the free management tools. The most efficient solution for the fully automated management of complete wireless networks is provided by WLAN controllers. They perform the configuration and ensure optimum coverage for all access points and the continuous monitoring of the security policies – at all sites! As standard, all of the access points installed by our partners can be managed by a controller.

Advantages for WiFi Management Using a WLAN Switch:

Wireless LAN controllers take on numerous manual tasks and provide significant relief for the network administrator. They detect and activate access points and WLAN routers fully automatically. Automatic configuration and maintenance of complete WLANs, including script and firmware distribution, guest access, etc. Further options include automatic coverage optimization through optimum channel selection, and also 24-hour monitoring of the WLAN security policies.

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